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As it relates to the clients we serve:

We believe that: 

  • violence against women is unacceptable behavior and that no one deserves to be beaten. Violence is a learned behavior and children are better off with one parent than in a violent atmosphere with two parents 
  • a woman and her children are a viable family unit 
  • women can be strong and capable when given the opportunity to manage their own lives 
  • each woman has the right to decide for herself the direction of her life according to her own values and needs 
  • in order to make decisions, each woman requires a safe place where her values are accepted and respected and where she will not need to fear either physical or psychological abuse 
  • each woman should be supported in following through with the decisions that she makes. The confidentiality of the women who come to us is sacrosanct and should be protected. 
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Our goals as a governing committee are to provide emergency refuge for women and children who need our support.

  • to provide a refuge and/or support system for women who have been emotionally and/or physically assaulted, threatened or harassed; including temporary accommodations, food and other necessities on an emergency basis 
  • to offer supportive counseling so that a woman may gain a perspective on her situation and consider alternatives and options 
  • to explore with each woman who comes to us, the alternatives available to her; to help her examine the advantages, disadvantages and practicality of each alternative and to encourage her to make realistic choices for herself and her children 
  • to provide assistance to women in their dealings with the court system, welfare and housing authorities 
  • to provide care and support for children who accompany the residents of the Transition House 
  • to attempt to maintain contact with women after their stay ends and they return to the community, to their homes or to a new situation 
  • to assess the need for and the possibility of providing support groups for battered women, including those still living in a violent relationship and those who are living alone with their children 
  • to provide information for community and professional groups, agencies and organizations on the problem of wife battering and the needs of battered women and their families. 
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