Western Regional Coalition to End Violence


q                 holding someone to keep them from leaving

q                 pushing; shoving; slapping; biting; kicking or choking

q                 locking someone out of the house

q                 abandoning someone in dangerous places

q                 subjecting someone to reckless driving

q                 forcing sex upon another person

q                 forcing sex after a beating

q                 committing sadistic sexual acts

q                 forcing someone to watch sexual acts

q                 threatening or hurting someone with a weapon

q                 threatening to harm someone’s children, property or pets

q                 ignoring someone’s feelings

q                 ridiculing someone’s beliefs, feelings, religion, race, sex, heritage or class

q                 withholding approval or affection as punishment

q                 continuously criticizing someone, calling them names, shouting at them

q                 insulting someone in public

q                 keeping another from working

q                 refusing to work or share money

q                 taking car keys or money away

q                 regularly threatening to leave or telling someone to leave

q                 telling someone of affairs to hurt them

q                 harassing someone about imagined affairs