Western Regional Coalition to End Violence


Step 1. Safety during violence.    I can use the following options:

a. If I decide to leave, I will_________________________________________________________.

b. I can keep a bag ready and put it____________________________________so I can leave quickly.

c. I can tell__________________about the violence and have them call the police when violence erupts.

d. I can teach my children to use the telephone to call the police and the fire department. 

e. I will use this word code_____________________for my children, friends, or family to call for help.

f. If I have to leave my home, I will go__________________________________________________.

g. I can teach these strategies to my children.

h. When an argument starts, I will move to a safer room such as ______________________________.

i. I will use common sense and gut feeling. I will protect myself and my children until we are out of danger.



Step 2. Safety when getting ready to leave.    I can use the following strategies:

a. I will leave money and an extra set of keys with_________________________________________.

b. I will keep important documents and keys with__________________________________________.

c. I will open a savings account by this date_________________________to increase my independence.

d. Other things I can do to increase my independence are:___________________________________.

e. The shelter’s crisis line number is_________1-866-634-4198 or 634-4198_____________________.

f. I will keep change for phone calls with me at ALL times. I know that if I use a telephone calling card, the following month the telephone bill will tell the batterer who I called after I left. I will keep this information confidential by using a using a friend’s telephone card, calling collect, or using change.

g. I will check with_________________________and__________________________to know who will let me stay with them or who will lend me money.

h. I can leave extra clothes with______________________________________________________.

i. I will review my safety plan every___________________________(time frame) in order to plan the safest route. I will review the plan with__________________________________(a friend, counselor).

j. I will rehearse the escape plan and practice it with my children.



Step 3. Safety At Home.     I can use the following safety methods:

a. I can change the locks on my doors and windows as soon as possible.

b. I can replace wooden doors with steel doors.

c. I can install security systems - i.e. additional locks, window bars, poles to wedge against doors, etc.

d. I can purchase rope ladders to be used for escape routes from the second floor.

e. I can install smoke detectors and buy fire extinguishers for each floor of my home.

f. I can install an outside lighting system that lights up when someone approaches my home.

g. I will teach my children how to use the phone to make collect calls to me and to _________________   (friend, family, minister) if my partner tried to take them.

h. I will tell the people who care for my children, who has permission to pick up my children. My partner is NOT allowed to.

i. I can tell the following people that my partner no longer lives with me and that they should call the police if he is near my residence: _______________     _______________     _______________


Step 4. Emotional Health.  I can do the following:

a. If I feel depressed and ready to return to a potentially violent situation/partner, I can   ___________________________



b. When I have to talk to my partner in person or on the phone, I can ___________________________.

c. I will use “I can...” statements and I will be assertive with people.

d. I can tell myself “_____________________________________________________________” when I feel people are trying to control or abuse me.

e. I can call the following people and/or places for support:




f. Things I can do to make me feel stronger are: