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Dating Violence

Dating Violence is violence which can happen on the first date or with a regular partner at any time within a relationship. It often occurs when a dating partner feels jealous, has been drinking, or when a young woman says "no" to sex. Such violence can take a variety of forms.

One form of abuse which quickly comes to mind is physical assault. Young women are shaken, hit, punched, slapped and kicked by the young men they date. Physical abuse may results in anything from a black eye to hospitalization for multiple injuries. 

There is also abuse which leaves no physical marks - emotional abuse. It can involve being called names such as "fat", "ugly", or "stupid". It could involve being accused of "sleeping around". It can be the treat of violence against a person or things that they love (like pets). Sometimes it may be a threat the harm themselves ("I'll kill myself if you dump me").

Forced sexual contact (often called date rape) in another form of abuse. Young women often enter into sexual relationships with boyfriends because they are threatened with losing them or being called frigid. Sometimes they are physically forced into the situation.

Brochure published by Women's Policy Office in consultation with the Department of Education

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