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Ten Warning Signs of Dating Violence
1. Bad Vibes
When your intuition says something is wrong.  
2. Aggression
Everyone gets angry, but it's what your date does with anger. It is not OK to hurt another person.
3. Jealousy
The jealous person has a self-esteem problem. It's control, not love.
4. Controlling Behavior
When you feel you are losing yourself because of your date. No person is worth losing control over your own life.
5. Misogyny
Disliking women as people, or considering them less intelligent then men.
6. Put-downs
Let flags go up when you are put down. Comments like "how horribly you're dressed" or "how clumsy you are".
7. Pornography
Studies have shown that men who engage in a lot of pornographic activities have lower opinions of women and tend to view them as sex objects.
8. Unpleasant Sex
Sex that is hurtful or unpleasant is often a sign of worse things to come.
9. Drinking and Drugs
Although drinking and drugs do not mean that a person will become abusive, many report that their abusers were involved with alcohol and drugs.
10. Childhood Violence
If your date is from a family where there was violence, he may be prone to violence.
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